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Computer Training in Beaverton, OR | MicroSkill LLC
  • (503) 259-2669

We think your time is too precious to waste.

After more than 30 years in business, MicroSkill continues to provide streamlined solutions of the highest standard. Through our personalized service, we can guarantee a return on investment, to give you the peace of mind you deserve, and to give back your precious time.



    • Simplify complex processes
    • Connect data w stakeholders
    • Understand Client Domain Data
    • Report Solutions
    • Dashboard Solutions
    • Provide Consultations
    • Instructor led training
    • Company-Wide Training Programs
    • One-on-One or Team Training




  • Excel Templates
  • Excel Macros
  • Excel Optimization
  • Access Database



  • Custom, Interactive Dashboards
  • Dashboard Distribution



  • Microsoft Applications
  • Tableau

Areas of Expertise

Data Analysis

Excel Macros (VBA)

Instructor Lead Training

Simplifying Complex Processes and Connecting with Stakeholders



We will...

  • Provide competent, experienced training developers and professional instructors

  • Do on-site evaluations to identify skills necessary for streamlining current data management processes

  • Be team players with effective communication and problem solving skills

  • Keep our rates competitive to maintain a cost-effective advantage for you

  • Meet deadlines, stay within budgets, and provide efficient, effective solutions

  • Guarantee our success by ensuring your success!


High Level Excel Classroom and Personal Training Development

“I recently completed the Excel Full Force course taught by Laurie Eshelman. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to elevate their Excel skill set to the next level. The tips and functions (Match, Index, and SumProduct) I learned in this course has allowed me to elevate my analytical skills exponentially. I honestly don’t know how I lived without these functions prior to this course. Laurie is a fantastic instructor. By providing sample spreadsheets and in-class exercises you can be assured you will have the necessary skill set to create sound and reliable formulas. Over the years, I have taken several courses from Laurie and she never disappoints. She is a wealth of knowledge on any Microsoft application, but when it comes to Excel her experience and expertise is off the chart! “

Chris Hinzmann
Facilities Analyst

Customized Training Development Reference

“Laurie Eshleman is a great vendor/consultant to have as a business partner. I worked with Laurie on an intermediate Excel class for our Sales Reps in the field. We tapped into Nike Subject Matter Experts to design the course, so Laurie was able to customize the course to the needs of our Reps. Laurie not only helprd design the course, she also delivered the class in many of our North America locations. Laurie is flexible, easy to work with, really understands all levels of Excel, and has the ability to create a Facilitator/Participant workbook. Laurie is passionate about Excel, a quality a bit hard to find. She was able to generate energy in the classroom and always received rave reviews from the participants. I will hire Laurie again in the future if the need arises.

Linda Phillips
Nike U Design Manager

Customized Training Development

“Laurie Eshleman of Microskill enabled a 1B$ company to implement an enterprise-wide ERP software solution as a senior consultant creating custom training tools and technical documentation. Her expertise in employing technology for impact and efficiency multiplied the productivity of the whole team and made it possible to bring the training deliverable in on time and with high quality results. I will not hesitate to partner with Laurie on my team again look forward to bringing her in sooner next time for integrated project management.”

Jeremy Reynolds
Founder & Lead Consultant, Hearing Voices LLC

Excel Development Reference

“I am employed by Nike as the Workforce Planning consultant providing premier tools and processes to the business. I have worked with Laurie Eshleman over the past two years. In that time, she has provided Nike with excellent support in the areas of Tool Development and Training. Her work has been a major factor in our success with Workforce Planning, helping it to become a standardized practice. Primarily, Laurie assisted us with a project to create Global Workforce Planning tools for Annual and Quarterly processes. Laurie developed an Excel workbook used to distribute data into buckets of open and filled employee positions, and included a worksheet used to add new positions based upon a multitude of lookup lists. Challenges included data capacity of an Excel workbook, and making the program flexible enough to be user-friendly to management. Features included sql queries, worksheet events, VBA code, workbook and worksheet protection. At all times, I have found Laurie to be diligent, goal-oriented and conscientious. She throws herself into her work and is passionate about providing the best tools to meet your needs. Laurie is a tremendous asset and has my highest recommendation.”

Kalah Haugh
Nike Global HR Solutions

SharePoint Training and Support

“Six years ago Nike became committed to offering SharePoint 2007 to departments and project teams across all divisions, world-wide, a daunting a task at first conception. In the initial phases we were determined to establish fundamental guidelines to ensure a consistent approach to creating and working with site collections and subsites. From the beginning, Laurie Eshleman contributed to our efforts, participating in strategy discussions on practical features for our environment. Laurie was able to communicate the ins and outs of SharePoint through presentations, customized training for teams and departments, and on-going monthly courses (customized for Nike general public). She continues to be an asset as we venture into our next phase of offering SharePoint 2013, by preparing transition training for both novice and power users of SharePoint.”

Diane Nystrom
Nike SharePoint Governance