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Our Mission

At MicroSkill LLC, we always aim to make all of our clients’ projects and training a resounding success. The effort we put into every project is what sets us apart from our competitors.

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Laurie Eshleman, Founder

Laurie Eshleman, our founder, wanted to empower others and help them simplify complex concepts and tedious tasks in the workplace by leveraging technology. This way, they can free up their minds to think, strategize, and enjoy life. Laurie then established MicroSkill LLC as a means to accomplish her goal.

Prior to starting her own business, Laurie Eshleman worked as a contract computer trainer for several area training companies. She was then hired full-time at a firm, where she eventually became the training manager. Her experience convinced her that there was demand for a computer training company with higher standards and a more personal involvement with clients. To meet this need, she founded MicroSkill LLC in 1986.

A major problem Eshleman noticed with most computer training companies was that their priorities centered more on supporting their own facilities than with service to clients. Class content and materials were generic, designed for the mass market rather than the specific needs of any particular business. Inevitably, many students went back to their places of employment having learned skills that they could not readily apply to their jobs.

To avoid this waste of resources and energy, Eshleman decided that MicroSkill LLC would focus more on clients who have their own training rooms as well as customize classes and materials to address each company’s training needs. With this training philosophy, she could guarantee that clients would get exactly the training they needed, saving time and money.

Another problem Eshleman often heard about other training companies was that the quality of instruction and the levels of instructor knowledge were inconsistent. A one-week contracted training could be adequate due to a competent instructor. However, when the training company used a different instructor of less competence, doing another contracted training for one week may not be enough for the employees. Many businesses were hiring one training company after another, never finding the kind of computer education that was consistently effective.

Skills and Work Experience

  • Trainer/developer with more than 28 years of experience in collaborating with businesses to identify process improvements
  • Can simplify complex topics for both technical and non-technical people and enjoy collaborating with teams to develop applications
  • Skilled in back-end data modeling with tech people and front-end user interface design with business folks
  • Can develop critical solutions that meet an immediate need

Our Promise

At MicroSkill LLC, we will not only customize training to meet the needs of each client. We will also make sure that the quality of training is consistently superior and guaranteed to satisfy the client's expectations. Owing to Eshleman's pledge, MicroSkill LLC's biggest Fortune 500 client has retained our company’s services for more than 27 years.

Our Legacy

After more than 30 years in business, MicroSkill LLC continues to provide computer education that is consistently of the highest standard. Due to its policy of personalized service, which includes becoming familiar with the client's business basics, MicroSkill LLC developed a substantial base of knowledge to operate a wide variety of businesses. Using this knowledge, our consultants can streamline a company's operations. We teach staff members how to do business processes that usually take them an entire day in just a few minutes. Also, we have become proficient in communication skills, allowing MicroSkill LLC to be of valuable assistance in preparing presentations, developing seminars, and creating materials designed to effectively explain complex processes.