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Consulting - Microskill Consultants are available to train or present information onsite at your workplace.

Our Pledge to You

MicroSkill Computer Training MicroSkill is a computer training and consulting firm, specializing in personal service customized to address specific client needs. We make the extra effort to maximize success:

  • Personal One-on-One Training
  • Customized software training for groups
  • Company-wide training programs
  • Consultations

" Our clients tell us that what sets us apart from the competition is that we make an ultimate effort to ensure that a client's project or training is a resounding success."

Computer Education

In today's business world, almost everyone uses computers in the performance of their job, and the dependence on computers for doing business is constantly increasing. Few employees have the time to master all the features of the version of computer applications they now use, much less learn all the new features every time an application is upgraded. The cost of training employees to maintain adequate levels of computer competence is a never-ending challenge, and corporations are forever looking for new training resources and methods that will cost effectively keep their employees using their computers efficiently.

Training efforts are only as good as the research behind them. Most business software training lacks effectiveness because only general features are presented in a generic class that does not take into account the students real world work requirements. Most training company's never learn the hands-on level of their client's business, and so do not benefit from experiencing a wide array of how applications are uniquely employed by different business.

MicroSkill training consultants, however, work on-site for a wide variety of clients and learn the client's businesses adequately enough to design a training program specific to each companies needs. Targeted training first looks at the jobs needed to be accomplished, the application features best suited to the task, the experience level of the users, and provides computer education that will best meet all the various needs. Also gained from experience, MicroSkill will know when hands-on training is called for, where on-line training can do the job, and when the benefits of one-on-one training would be cost and time effective.

The progressive corporation will make certain their computer education resources are adequate for keeping the company on the leading edge of computer technology. Even small changes in how corporate employees use their computers to accomplish tasks can easily lead to hundreds of thousands, even millions, in saved revenue yearly. When employees are efficiently using their computers, business processes are streamlined and information flow made more effective. Companies that make it a priority investment to keep their computer users educated in the ways of best employing applications they use are companies who will have an edge in the business world.

For over 20 years, MicroSkill has been providing companies with the kind of personal attention required to determine a companies most crucial computer education needs. We work with company training departments to make certain that training we provide is fitted to the client's actual work environment. MicroSkill provides the kind of computer education that best suits the situation, whether it be seminars with 100 or more attendees, hands on training, on-line training, Power Point presentations, presentations on CD, or one-on-one tutoring. MicroSkill also develops supporting training materials, from one-page tip sheets to user-friendly training manuals, or can help a training department review materials available from well established training material vendors. Computers are the lifeblood of a corporation, and MicroSkill knows how to keep a company computer efficient and computer smart.

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