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Consulting - Microskill Consultants are available to train or present information onsite at your workplace.

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About Us

Prior to starting her own business, Laurie Eshleman first worked as a contract computer trainer for several area training companies before being hired full time at a firm where she eventually became the training manager. Eshleman's experiences working for other companies convinced her that there was demand for a computer training company with higher standards and a more personal involvement with clients. To meet that demand, Eshleman founded MicroSkill, Inc., in 1986.

Our Philosophy

Today, after�26 years in business, MicroSkill continues to provide computer education that is consistently of the highest standard. Due to its policy of personalized service, which includes becoming familiar with the client's business basics, MicroSkill has a substantial base of experience with what is required to operate a wide variety of businesses.

Using this knowledge, MicroSkill consultants are frequently able to streamline a company's business processes, teaching staff how to do in minutes what used to take an entire day. MicroSkill has also become proficient in communication skills, allowing MicroSkill to be of valuable assistance in preparing presentations, developing seminars, or creating materials designed to effectively explain complex processes.

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