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Consulting - Microskill Consultants are available to train or present information onsite at your workplace.

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Customized Computer Training

"For Managers, Project Leads, Training Coordinators"

When employees are sent to an off-site computer training company for computer education, class content is generic, general, and normally not immediately applicable to the student's real world business tasks. Even if you have your own in-house training facility, wise budgeting seldom justifies employment of a full time professional applications trainer. Hiring contract trainers is the most efficient, cost-effective answer, yet few training companies are willing to learn your business and gear training to your exact needs.

MicroSkill does learn the client's business, prepares course content and training materials focused on the precise business need, and provides a professional trainer well prepared to meet those needs. You don't pay more for MicroSkill, you just get more.

Our niche in the computer training market has always been to provide professional applications instructors and consulting for companies that have their own training facilities. While we considered maintaining their own training facility, the decision was that such a move would constitute serving two masters.

Through experience, we have found that working on the client's site allows us a closer, more structured, better maintenanced relationship with client's than would not be possible for training companies burdened with the expense of their own site. What we save in overhead, our clients reap in better training and greater accountability.

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